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Admin By Request Version 3.0 for macOS is here, bringing you new key features and a fresh User Interface.

Gone are the days of enterprises hosting just a small cluster of macOS endpoints.

Macs are gaining traction; they’re a preferred choice rather than a niche, and they’re here to stay - so is Admin By Request for macOS.

Version 3.0 brings a key feature set to match that of Windows.

MacOS, Windows, or Linux-based - there is no operating system that comes with adequate, out-of-the-box security, access controls, and malware protection.

Apple works to achieve this ideal by constantly adding native OS tools to emphasize their focus on in-built security, but the root of the issue still stands: no amount of in-built security can completely mitigate the risk that comes with having Administrator privileges on your macOS device.

In order to achieve real security, users need to be operating as standard user.

And it’s here that the Mac operating system, like its Windows and Linux counterparts, struggles: there is so much on a Mac that a standard user simply cannot do.

Privileged Access Management for macOS

Admin By Request solves the root issue with a comprehensive and compact PAM solution, tailored specifically towards the Mac operating system.

What you get:

• Simple and Effective PAM: macOS users can comfortably operate at the level of standard user, using Admin By Request software to gain audited, Just-in-Time elevation.

• Saved Resources: The self-service nature of the software negates the need for constant Service Desk attention and costly IT resources.

• Flexibility: Multiple solutions can be managed under one, with Admin By Request supporting Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems.

What’s New

New Feature: Run as Admin

Up until now, Admin By Request has provided functionality for Mac users to request an Administrator Session: a period of time, configurable in your User Portal, in which multiple administrative tasks can be undertaken and monitored by the software.

Version 3.0 for macOS brings the long-awaited Run as Admin feature: standard users can run single applications, such as installer packages, with admin rights – with all Run as Admin requests fully Audited.

The Run as feature intercepts the installer wizard and asks for credentials and a reason. You can then complete the installation - safely:

In terms of key features, the added functionality brings Admin By Request for macOS on par with the version built for Windows.

New Look: User Interface

Apple is known for its sleek, minimalistic design.

Admin By Request 3.0 seeks to convey a similar impression, migrating from High Sierra to Catalina+ characteristics:

What’s Different

Version 3.0 for macOS features the following updates:

• Improved Diagnostics: We’ve added to the diagnostics collected if something goes wrong, so that we can continually improve your Admin By Request experience:

• Look & Feel Options: You can now choose the Admin By Request GUI theme from within your User Portal – light, dark, or automatically picked up based on your OS settings:

• Approved Request Notification: As soon as a request for elevated privileged is approved, you get a notification sent to your desktop:

• Uninstall & Restore with PIN: You can now simply input a PIN code obtained by an IT admin for easy uninstall of the software, or to restore admin rights on an endpoint:

• Set Custom Groups: For non-AD bound machines or users, you can now set custom groups via policy file to use machines with the sub-settings configured in your User Portal.

Using the Features

To initiate an Admin Session, either select the Admin By Request icon from the top toolbar, or locate and click the app icon from the Dock or Launchpad. Follow the prompts, wait for approval (if configured), and the session will commence, indicated by the timer in the bottom right-hand corner of your desktop.

The Run as Admin feature is invoked when only single apps need administrative privileges to run, such as installer packages. Upon executing an installer package, the 'Run as' feature appears as a pop up in the install wizard and asks for the user's credentials. With this feature, the installation can be completed without the need for an IT administrator's credentials or an Admin Session.

Coming Soon

In early 2022, we’re extending OPSWAT MetaDefender’s Cloud API protection to the client side for macOS endpoints.

Download Admin By Request 3.0 for macOS from your User Portal: Top Menu > Download > Download Client for Mac.