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Release notes for client software

Updating the software is necessary from time to time to support new features. The updating is not mandatory. If you do not update, the features in newer versions will just not work. Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.

Admin By Request 6.0 - February 18th 2019

  • New "Run As Administrator" Windows integration allow users to install software without getting a full session, which voids the typical need to request a session. The client sandboxes the installation without giving the user admin rights. Please refer to this page for more information.
  • Blacklisting and whitelisting now possible in subsettings.
  • PIN codes are now challenge/response to make them one-time PIN codes instead of a daily PIN code. User must give admin PIN 1 and admin gives user back PIN 2 to unlock the client feature.
  • PIN codes now possible with Admin Sessions, Run As Admin, Blacklists and Whitelists. If a program is for example blacklisted, a person with portal access can unlock the execution while the user is logged on.
  • Generic blocking of elevating any system files, such as cmd.exe, regedit.exe or mmc.exe. This voids the need to try to create a complete list of system32 programs that users may request to run elevated with bad intent.
  • Performance improvement in starting whitelisted applications.

Admin By Request 5.4 - November 21st 2018

  • Improvements in protection of the system during administrator sessions.
  • User administration removed from Computer Management during administrator sessions.
  • UAC elevated processes are terminated at end of administrator sessions.
  • Support for settings, instructions, branding and privacy in subsettings.
  • Auto-update from the Internet or LAN share to update client in the future.
  • Elevated blacklist now only blocks during Admin By Request administrator sessions.
  • Option to exclude accounts from local admins rights revoke in portal Settings.
  • PIN code is now generated for Universal Time to avoid date issues across the Pacific Ocean.
  • Dialog boxes are replaced with ABR look'n'feel boxes and are now modal.
  • Support for Swedish and Norwegian language in client software.

Admin By Request 5.3 - June 25th 2018

  • Support for Sub Settings, which allows overruling default settings for some computers or users based on OU or groups.

Admin By Request 5.2 - May 5th 2018

  • Applications can be whitelisted and blacklisted in the portal, voiding the need to do this via group policies. A new "Whitelisting" menu is available
  • New Learning Mode feature to automatically detect legacy applications that need to run as administrator

Admin By Request 5.1 - March 13th 2018

  • It is now possible to set auto approval and still require the user to enter a reason to elevate
  • PIN code no longer required for most customers: Clients now know "last known cloud settings" when offline. This removes the need entirely for PIN codes, unless approval is generally required. When a client is offline and it knows that approval was not required on last coomunication, it will allow the elevation offline without PIN code and report data back, when it has internet
  • Clients now monitor which programs the user runs as administrator and reports this to the detail view in the inventory
  • Most settings that could only be set through ADMX settings, can now be set in the portal. For most customers, this mean that the ADMX file is no longer needed
  • To aid European customers with GDPR concerns, it's now possible to anonymized user accounts through new privacy setting. The user account name itself can be obfuscated with an alias and full names, phone numbers and email addresses, you can choose not to collect
  • Branding added - your company name is shown on user interfaces and you can replace all icons with your own company logo
  • New instruction screen can be enabled to inform the user of Codes of Conduct before elevation and also explain how to run programs as administrator

Admin By Request 5.0 - February 4th 2018

  • Support for servers through a new Server edition. Refer to the Editions page for more information.
  • Administrator logon auditing for servers
  • Various timing issues for service start are resolved
  • Faster application start
  • New policy settings and updated ADMX: AccessRequestGroup, CleanAdminsGroup and LogAdminLogins. Refer to the Policies page for more information.

Admin By Request 4.4 - December 15th 2017

  • User interfaces in the client application are updated to Windows 10 look and feel.

Admin By Request 4.3 - November 10th 2017

  • Inventory now includes a list of members of the administrators group.

Admin By Request 4.2 - October 10nd 2017

  • Auditlog now includes uninstallations during administrator sessions.

Admin By Request 4.1 - October 2nd 2017

  • Admin By Request cannot be uninstalled during an active session to prevent the user from being permanent administrator.
  • Local administrators group snapshot. If the user adds other users or groups to the local administrators group during the administrator session, these will be removed after session end.

Admin By Request 4.0 - September 9th 2017

  • New email approval flow to automate the approval flow.

Admin By Request 3.10 - July 11th 2017

  • Support for Windows XP.
  • Spanish and French language support added.

Admin By Request 3.9 - June 29th 2017

  • Startup speed improved.

Admin By Request 3.7 - June 2nd 2017

  • Desktop shortcut support.
  • Option to force UAC enabled.

Admin By Request 3.6 - May 3rd 2017

  • Multilanguage support - Danish and German languages added.

Admin By Request 3.5 - May 3rd 2017

  • On first install, the tray icon is green and cannot execute anything until logoff and logon. This is to avoid removing unatteded install accounts from the local administrators group by accident.

Admin By Request 3.4 - April 19th 2017

  • Application will shut down gracefully on uninstall/reinstall.

Versions released before 2017 are no longer documented online.

Admin By Request 2.5 - June 5th 2019

  • Blacklisting of applications from running in "Lockdown" settings; for example Spotify, built-in Chess, a specific browser, etc.
  • Option in "Lockdown" settings to block the App Store for non-administrators.

Admin By Request 2.4 - March 27th 2019

  • Support for Active Directory through NoMAD login.
  • PIN codes are now challenge/response to make them one-time PIN codes instead of a daily PIN code. User must give admin PIN 1 and admin gives user back PIN 2 to unlock the client feature.
  • Support for JAMF deployment.
  • Option to allow sudo access during administrator sessions.
  • Dock icon no longer shows up in cmd+tab app switcher.

Admin By Request 2.3 - November 1st 2018

  • First public release.