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If you need to send documentation to your compliance officers, you can download the Compliance Pack (all documents you have access to on this page) using the button below. Feel free to contact us, if you have compliance questions or your company requires us to fill in a questionnaire. Observe that CAIQ 4.0 is already available.

Note that you are only downloading the public documents. Please contact us here to include the protected documents in your download.

How we handle your data

Explains data flows and how we take care of your data.

Data Privacy Settings

Options for and consequences of disabling PII data collection.

Terms & Conditions

The licensing agreement (SaaS contract) between you and us.

Data Processing Agreement

The GDPR compliance agreement - see how it protects you.

Transfer Impact Assessment (Schrems II)

Explains what we have done to mitigate the Schrems II ruling that invalidated Privacy Shield.

Vulnerability Scan

Documentation of a perfect 100% score at the industry-standard securityscorecard.com.

Cyber Essentials

Certificate of Assurance of the UK Government National Cyber Crime Security Centre programme.

Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)

VPAT outlining ยง508 accessibility information about Admin By Request.

Please contact us here to unlock these documents

Architectural Overview

Explains the architectural design of our software.

Independent Endpoint Penetration Test

Penetration test of the endpoint software executed by independent security company.

Independent Portal Penetration Test

Portal penetration test executed by independent security company.

Independent Azure Review

Review of Azure setup by independent Microsoft Gold Partner.

Contingency Plan

Explains what you can do to as customer in case of outages.

CAIQ 4.0 Questionnaire

Cloud Security Alliance - Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ).

Security Policy

This document describes internal security policies that employees must abide to.

Risk Assessment

Details how risk assessment is carried out throughout FastTrack Software.

Certificate of Insurance

Documentation of proper insurance coverage for FastTrack Software.