Security that doesn’t compromise Productivity.

User Productivity

No Relearning Required
For end users, the Admin By Request application is nothing new. Once deployed on the endpoint, in most cases it simply replaces the Windows UAC prompt - which most employees are already familiar with. New features that aren't part of the UAC experience are simple and intuitive, and don't require extensive amounts of end user training, if any.
Instant Access
Users no longer have to wait for an IT admin to physically come to their device and enter admin credentials prior to approval. Requests for elevation can be given approval remotely, via the mobile app, or granted immediately without approval (if configured in Settings). With App Control features such as Pre-Approval (whitelisting), and AI and Machine Learning Auto-Approvals, the most popular apps with your users can be identified and approved for them automatically.
Range of Elevation Methods
Whether a developer in the IT department, a tech-newbie in HR, or a third-party consultant needing to service one of your endpoints, there's a method of elevation appropriate for every user. All features come out-of-the-box with Admin By Request and can be tailored to the needs of individual users or groups.
Peace of Mind
Protected users are productive users. With the appropriate controls in place dictating what your users can and can't do - requiring approval prior to elevation, blocklisting of certain applications, settings applied to individual users and groups, and malware scans on executables flagging malicious files - they can function in their roles with peace of mind, confident that they won't end up breaking business rules and accidentally installing malware.
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Admin Productivity

Admin By Request is a solution which works in favor of both administrators and the end user. Here’s how it makes life easier for your IT and Helpdesk personnel.

Efficient Deployment

Rolling Admin By Request out to 50,000+ endpoints is made easy with the help of software integrations to automate the process. Settings can be applied immediately and managed from the online User Portal, with core features also available in the mobile app.

Azure Active Directory Support

With built-in support for Azure AD, administrators using Admin By Request can pull existing groups of users and devices into their User Portal and apply different settings based on group (i.e., rules, access permissions, abilities).

Minimal Learning Required

For tech-savvy IT admins who have access to the User Portal, there's little possibility for error. The Dashboard is the home-base for all core features, the GUI is clean and simple, Settings can be accessed and configured easily, and all actions are reversible.

Productivity-Focused Settings

Your Admin By Request configuration is highly flexible - it can be set up to allow for maximum productivity on both ends (user and admin), while still providing comprehensive security

Manual Workload Reduced

With the range of self-service elevation methods on offer, as well as app control features like Pre-Approval and Auto-Approval, small but frequent tasks which would once have gone to your Helpdesk personnel are taken care of - reducing manual workload and freeing resources.

Bulk Actions Available

Several Admin By Request core features are designed to help manage and apply rules to large numbers of users at a time, such as Clean Up Local Admins, Device Owner, and Global Settings and Sub-Settings.

Get to know the

User Portal Dashboard

Admin by request dashboard on a mac. » admin by request » admin by request
All core features including Auditlog, Requests for admin access, comprehensive Reports, hardware and software Inventory, Settings, and more.
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The Auditlog widget displays the number and type of elevations over the past month.

The basics of your Admin By request license, such as status, active number, and expiry.
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Other Dashboard features:

Recent Alerts
Any suspicious activity, or significant events that you've configured to trigger alerts and email notifications for, appear here.
Recently Installed Software
As the name suggests, this widget displays the latest software installs. Malicious executables are a common attack vector for cybercriminals, so it's important to stay in-the-know about what your employees are downloading.
Operating System Info
This section gives an overview of the number of licenses running on each operating system, the version installed, and the latest version available - so you know that you're up to date (or not!)
Did You Know?
This handy widget gives you tips about your current Admin By Request setup and what this means for you and your users. If there's something more you could be doing to benefit your configuration, this section will point you in the right direction.