Real-world context Case Studies.
Afa Insurance
Owned by Sweden’s labor market parties, Afa Insurance provides comprehensive cover for employees within the private sector, municipalities, and county councils. Today, more than 4.9 million people are covered by at least one of Afa’s insurances.
Muskelsvindfonden (i.e., The Muscular Dystrophy (MD) Foundation) is a Danish charity focusing on helping and supporting people with MD and ALS.Their movement helps 3000+ people and is the organizer of various cultural and community events, including one of the largest musical festivals in Denmark: GRØN Koncert.
ESIS School Association
Erhvervsskolernes IT Samarbejde (i.e., The Business Schools' IT Cooperation) is an information technology organization who run and manage IT infrastructure across a number of schools. Their work revolves around maintaining the highest uptime for all systems, with the goal of providing more accessible, cost-efficient, and effective IT systems.
With a team of 2000 spread across the globe, ADVA Optical Networking SE is a technology leader and the architects of some of the world's most advanced networks. Their goal since establishment in 1994 is to provide scalable solutions for transporting data, to meet increasing bandwidth demands and the needs of their customers.
Coop Wholefoods
One of the country’s largest and greenest food chains, Coop provides affordable food products to the people of Sweden via approx. 800 physical supermarkets and an online store. As a Cooperative Business, it’s owned by 3.7 million members, and is the workplace of roughly ten thousand employees.
The Atlantic Technological University (ATU) is the learning place of over 22,000 students, offering almost 600 academic programs from pre-degree to doctoral level. Their mission is to advance economic, social, and environmental sustainability through education and engagement, producing graduates who are innovative, confident, and capable of leading the development of the region and beyond.

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