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Server Edition Overview

Navigate the remote work landscape with confidence as our platform offers a centralized, user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates with the existing features of our acclaimed Endpoint PAM solution.
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A New Approach to Secure Server Access

Admin By Request Server Edition combines the robust features of our flagship PAM Workstation Edition product with seamless Remote Access capabilities, empowering organizations to achieve unparalleled security, productivity, and access across their entire network infrastructure.

Built upon the same foundation of user-friendly design and intuitive functionality that defines all Admin By Request products, Server Edition provides a unified platform for managing privileged access and enabling secure remote connectivity. With seamless integration of all Workstation Edition features, organizations can effortlessly extend the benefits of Admin By Request to their server environments, ensuring consistent security and compliance across the board.
Embrace the future of secure remote work with the newest addition to Server Edition: Remote Access. Whether your team is dispersed or you're navigating a hybrid work environment, our Remote Access product seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow, providing an intuitive and user-friendly experience, designed to empower your workforce and ensure secure and efficient access to critical server resources from anywhere, anytime. Join us in redefining the remote work experience, where accessibility meets top-notch security without the need for endless configurations or re-education.

Whether you're an existing Admin By Request user looking to expand your security toolkit, or a new customer seeking an intuitive, all-encompassing solution, Admin By Request PAM Server Edition is for you.

Let us show you.

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Feature Explainer Video

Secure Remote Access

Directly from the browser.

Includes Core Workstation Features:

Just-In-Time Elevation

Grant admin rights as needed, while needed


Track all privileged activity on servers

Malware Detection

Multi-scanning with over 35 engines


Allow auto-approval of requests for elevation


Gather all details about devices in your network


Create granular access controls

Multi-OS Compatibility

Versions for Windows and Linux servers

Endpoint MFA/SSO

Enforce business rules with MFA and SSO


Teams, Slack, Splunk, Sentinel, Intune, and more


Remote Access

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The Need:

Complex IT environments require secure user access to servers and network endpoints.

Current solutions such as VPNs or jump servers pose efficiency and security challenges.

Exposing protocols like RDP and SSH to the internet for remote access is not secure.

Tracking user activity during remote sessions is difficult with existing methods.

Setting up and using current products on the market is often cumbersome and requires re-learning.

The Solution

Time-Limited Access
Admin By Request Remote Access allows enterprises to authorize users for time-limited access to internal assets directly from the browser.
Secure Access Principles
Built on secure access principles, Remote Access ensures the security of remote connections while providing convenient access to internal assets.
Flexible Deployment Options
Available as a fully managed or on-premises setup, Remote Access offers flexibility in deployment to suit the needs of different organizations.
Comprehensive Auditing
All remote sessions facilitated by Admin By Request Remote Access are audited and video-recorded, providing comprehensive visibility and security.
User-Friendly Design
Designed with user-friendliness in mind, Remote Access integrates seamlessly into the Admin By Request web Portal, offering a familiar interface and straightforward usability.
Remote Access Release Notes
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Remote Access

Feature Breakdown

How It Works

The core concept of Remote Access is to empower users to connect to remote endpoints effortlessly through their browsers. This is achieved by establishing a Secure WebSocket connection to a Docker-based gateway, whether hosted internally or as a managed service. The connection is facilitated through a secure Cloudflare tunnel, as illustrated in the diagram. The gateway consists of three integral components:
  1. Connector – Manages data validation, translation between the portal and proxy container, log management, health checks, and other critical functions.
  2. Proxy – Establishes a protocol connection between Admin By Request and your endpoint, supporting RDP, SSH, or VNC protocols.
  3. Discovery – Automates the discovery of connectable devices within the same network as the gateway.
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The future of remote work

Flexible Configuration

With two setups available

A fully managed setup with seamless operation via Admin By Request. Prerequisites: Requires only an outbound connection to establish a secure tunnel and installation of the Admin By Request Server agent.
On-premises deployment using Docker within your infrastructure. Prerequisites: Involves running Docker containers and allowing outbound connections to Cloudflare for tunnel establishment.

Revolutionized Connectivity

An innovative browser-based solution simplifies device access.

Streamlined IT Management

Integrated PAM features ensure centralized, efficient management.

Flexibility at Its Core

Customizable for both managed cloud and self-hosted solutions.

Key Benefits

Seamless and Tailored Integration

Fits seamlessly into existing infrastructures without disruptions.

Innovative Technology

Leverage Cloudflare tunnels for cutting-edge, secure remote connectivity.

Prerequisites Made Easy

Simple solutions for self-hosted or cloud service configurations.

Simplified Experience

Connect effortlessly through a user-friendly remote access environment.

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Admin By Request Server Edition

Your key to unlocking secure, flexible, and productive server access.