• Users constantly calling you to install software?
    With Admin By Request you keep the local admins group locked down
    and remotely grant users temporary permission to install software
    while maintaining a full audit trail. You never need to remote
    control computers again to install software.
     Local Admin Rights 
     Malware and Ransomware 
  • Server cloud auditing
    Set up Admin By Request on your servers and have it audit all domain admin
    logons, including software installs. You can also revoke external consultant
    and help desk admin rights and let them logon to your servers without domain
    admin rights and have them request administrator rights on a case-by-case basis
    Domain Admin
    Logon Auditing
    Access Auditing
  • Inventory in the cloud
    Your own private inventory of computers anytime anywhere in the cloud.
    You know who has which computer, where in the world it is, what's installed,
    who is low on disk and TeamViewer ID of all computers for remote assistance.
    PC Inventory
    Tracking of PCs