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Welcome to the Trust Center

To download signed agreements with your company name on it, you must first log in. If you need to review our internal documents, please return the NDA to the representative that sent you your quote.

Compliance Pack

If you need to send documentation to your compliance or information security officers, you can download the Compliance Pack. You can also download individual PDF files in the next section.

Feel free to contact our Compliance Officer Jakob Bjorn Sorensen at jbs@fasttracksoftware.com, if you have compliance questions or your company requires us to fill in a compliance questionnaire.

Please note that agreements will not include your company name until you log in.

Compliance Pack - Individual Documents

Explainer: How we handle your data

Admin By Request is a Saas solution. Here's how we take care of your data.

Explainer: Data Privacy Settings

Learn about options for and consequences of disabling PII data collection.

Terms & Conditions

The licensing agreement (SaaS contract) between you and us.

Data Processing Agreement

The GDPR compliance agreement - see how it protects you.

Other Compliance Documents

Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)

VPAT outlining ยง508 accessibility information about Admin By Request.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

The NDA is necessary, if you need access to the documents below.

Security Policy (NDA)

This document describes internal security policies that employees must abide to.

Risk Assessment (NDA)

Details how risk assessment is carried out throughout FastTrack Software.

Certificate of insurance (NDA)

Documentation of insurance for FastTrack Software.