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Also known as Session Elevation

Users can double-click the Admin By Request desktop icon or select the icon from tray tools and confirm that they want to initiate an Admin Session.

Any user given full session elevation gets full local admin rights on their system. Full session elevation mode is ideal for situations such as when elevated access to ‘system’ resources such as drivers or printers etc. is required, when a user needs elevation only for a specific amount of time, or when a Developer requires the use of multiple elevated applications.

As with ‘Run As’ mode, everything in the elevation session is audited, so you can see the reason why the person needs the elevation, anything installed, uninstalled, or run. Full Session elevation mode includes the ability to block the elevation of any system files (CMD.EXE etc.) whilst running elevated, and the ability to ‘force terminate’ any elevated processes once the timer has run down.

Admin Session End User Guide:

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