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Bahrain Grand Prix Recap 2024

Admin By Request sponsored Kevin Magnussen at the Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix 2024
Nikolaj Karlsh⌀j

Nikolaj Karlsh⌀j

Manager of Formula 1 driver Kevin Magnussen and writer of engaging commentary on F1 races and other racing events, showcasing expertise and passion for motorsport.

Day 1


Yes, yes, YES!!! The winter break is finally over and it’s time for a new Formula 1 season. We’re happy to see our logo on our favorite driver again this year. And it definitely seems like Kevin Magnussen has also missed being in his right element. What’s the Dane’s expectations for the season’s very first race Bahrain?

“It’s always great to come back and meet the team again. We already started last week with the official winter testing, and that was very positive. The objective was to work on long runs with high-fuel, racing-related stuff addressing our main issue from last year, and I think we’ve made progress. I don’t want to raise expectations – I think we still have a lot of work to do – but we’ve gotten somewhere with the work we’ve done over the winter and these days at testing,” said K-Mag.

The Danish racing ace and Admin By Request ambassador was also happy the season’s first official practice sessions that took place on the 5.4km long Bahrain International Circuit Thursday evening.

“I think it was a pretty decent day. There’s still a big uncertainty on other team’s fuel loads and so on but again we were focusing on race runs and that was actually good – I’m encouraged so far. On low-fuel, it’s still going to be a big learning curve as we haven’t had any running – FP2 was the first real low-fuel run that we did, so lots to learn there. It seems simpler than the high-fuel running, which I feel like we’ve gone in the right direction with in terms of tire-wear at least. I’m curious to learn about the real pace of the car in race conditions but tire degradation is better.”

Let’s go, Kevin! 👊👊👊

Day 2


It’s Formula 1 Saturday and we’re ready for the season opener in Bahrain! Before the red lights turn off, here’s a short pre-race update from Kevin Magnussen who wasn’t happy about his qualifying even though he made it to Q2 and will start from a P15.

“I didn’t do a good lap in qualifying. The positive thing is we feel we’ve made some progress with the car, so I’m looking forward to the race. I know our race pace is decent so we can be more competitive, which hopefully is the case, and if it is then it will be a very different situation to last year where we were only falling back. I’m gutted with today honestly – but it’s the race that counts,” said K-Mag.

We’re crossing all our fingers, Kevin!

Race Day

“I believe we can fight this year” 🏁

A recap on Bahrain Grand Prix, where Kevin Magnussen finished P12 – two positions from a point – in a race where the Danish racing driver had an exciting fight with two RB cars all the way to the finish line. It seems that the new MoneyGram Haas F1 Team VF-24 is quicker than last year’s car – but what does Kevin think?

“First of all, I was happy to be able to race and fight for my positions. I’m not completely satisfied, as we didn’t score points – but it seems like we have a car which is a bit better on the tires this year, not necessarily quicker than last year but at least better on tires, and I think we’ve shown that today. It’s been a good couple of weeks of work, the team has done a really good job, and we’re in a good place. Now we just need to find more, and I look forward to continuing in Jeddah next weekend,” said K-Mag after the race.

That’s it, Bahrain! We’re now moving to Saudi Arabia, where another race weekend starts already on Thursday with the first practice sessions. The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will take place on Saturday, the 9th of March, on the Jeddah Corniche Circuit.

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