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Miami Grand Prix Recap

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Pre Race


It’s time for the sixth Formula 1 weekend of the season – and this time the show takes place around the 65,000-seater Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. It’s the first of 2024 calendar’s three US races, and it’s also one of Kevin Magnussen‘s favorite places. The Danish MoneyGram Haas F1 Team driver qualified 4th last year and scores a point in the race.

“Miami is the first of three home races, so it’s a big event for us. Also, it’s a great track and I personally like the circuit. It’s a hybrid street and road course track, and it has some good high-speed parts there. It was one of our best weekends last years, and hopefully with our car this year we can have an even better race this weekend,” said Kevin Magnussen.

Asking about why the track is so good, the Danish race ace detailed replies:

“It’s a good track for racing. For example, you have the back-straight which is super long and then a hairpin leading on to the main straight, so whatever battle you’re in, it tends to continue into Turn 1 with another DRS zone there. Again, It’s a very nice combination of high-speed sections and slow corners, and you drive close to the walls, which makes it a challenge.”

DID YOU KNOW THAT … Hosting the first Formula 1 race in 2022, the 5.4km Miami International Autodrome is a temporary circuit, but one designed to have a permanent feel. It’s the culmination of a development process that simulated no less than 36 different layouts before settling on a thrilling, 19-turn lap with top speeds of more than 340km/h. The track surrounds the famous Hard Rock Stadium with the team’s hospitality suits located on the football pitch!

Quali Day

READY, SET, GO 🇺🇲 👊 🏟

Kevin Magnussen and the rest of the MoneyGram Haas F1 Team team are ready to go full throttle around the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami today! So far, the Danish F1 driver has had a challenging weekend as he was handed time penalties in a dramatic sprint race, where he battled with Lewis Hamilton to help teammate Nico to points – and subsequently was hindered by traffic, missing Q2 in the main race qualifying.

“Yesterday was a very frustrating day. I still believe we have a decent car so I should be able to do something in the race today, but I’m tired of starting from a bad position because of traffic. For now, it’s time to stay focused and do the job,” said K-Mag.

Race Day

“It wasn’t a good day”

Tough Sunday for Kevin Magnussen who finished P18 in the Miami Grand Prix. The disappointing result was the end of a frustrating weekend for the Admin By Request powered Dane, who despite acclaim from both fans and competitors, was penalized several times for what the stewards deemed as aggressive driving on the tricky city circuit.

“It wasn’t a good day, again. Hopefully I can get some clarity on things going forward. What happened today, of course it’s not good, but nonetheless, we try to move on and have a better weekend next weekend,” said Kevin.

On the positive side, there’s plenty of Grand Prix left on the calendar! Now it’s time for a two-week break before it all kicks off again at Imola on May 19.

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