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Monaco Grand Prix Recap

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Pre Race


Every race driver loves it, and it’s Kevin Magnussen’s favorite track. We’re talking about the twisty, narrow streets of Monte Carlo. We’re talking about the most legendary and prestigious event on the calendar – we’re talking about the MONACO GRAND PRIX!

The famous principality on the Mediterranean Sea hosts the eighth round of the 2024 Formula 1 World Championship. Though it’s not the longest nor the fastest, it’s undoubtedly the most historical and spectacular Formula 1 track you can imagine.

“The feeling of driving a Formula 1 car in Monaco, to me, is the best of the year. It’s just phenomenal on these little tight streets with walls everywhere. The feeling of driving a Formula 1 car in Monaco, to me, is the best of the year. It’s so special and unique and I hope it stays on the calendar forever,” said Kevin Magnussen.

According to the Danish race ace, Monaco clearly differs from other venues when it comes to finding the limits.

“At other races, you’re doing laps to explore different techniques, and you find the limits quickly. In Monaco, it’s different. You’re just getting closer and closer to the limit, and as it’s a track that’s really being used, it’s got so much track evolution,” said Kevin.

DID YOU KNOW THAT … The streets of Monaco date all the way back to 1215 when the city was established as a colony of Italian Genoa? However, it was not until 1929 that the first race was held in Monaco. Being incredibly narrow, former world champion Nelson Piquet has described driving around the 3.3km long Circuit de Monaco as “like riding a bicycle around your living room” …

Quali Day


Kevin Magnussen and the rest of the MoneyGram Haas F1 Team are ready for racing in the streets of Monte Carlo. Unfortunately, both Kevin and teammate Nico Hulkenberg will start the race from the pit lane after being disqualified from the qualifying session due to an irregularity with the opening of the drag reduction system, DRS, on the rear wings of both cars.

Even before that, Kevin was gutted as the qualifying didn’t work out as it should. The Danish Formula 1 driver managed to get into Q2 and was on his way to Q3 when he had to abort the attempt.

“The pace was there in the car and I think we could’ve been fighting for Q3, and Q3 in Monaco means you score points, so it’s quite disappointing. We fueled the car for another lap in case we encountered traffic on the first lap, and we could abort. I started the push lap, gained more than one-tenth in the first corner but we aborted the lap, and after that, I ran into traffic again,” said Kevin Magnussen.

Race Recap

“A crash like this, it’s just never good”

Oh. My. God. What a frustrating weekend for Kevin Magnussen. The Dane was disqualified from Saturday’s qualifying due to technical issues – and then involved in a huge crash with Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, that ended both his and teammate Nico Hulkenberg’s race.

While there are many opinions about what started the violent crash, where fortunately no one was injured, here is the explanation from Kevin’s own perspective:

“I was with my front alongside Perez’s rear from the exit of Turn 1, in the run up to Turn 3. He goes towards the wall, the wall comes back a little bit towards the track, and I had nowhere to go. I can’t just disappear out of the blue, so I made contact with the wall and him at the same time, and we crashed. It’s frustrating and a crash like this has a big cost for the team in terms of spare parts and making new parts, as well as a lot of work for the team, it’s just never good,” Kevin said after the race.

Get back on the horse, Kevin. We’ve got your back. Get some rest and prepare for another round – the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal takes place next week!

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