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Work from home challenges

While the world is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercrime is on the rise as a result of the involuntary work from home trend. The strain on infrastructure caused by the shift to remote workspaces has stretched organizations beyond capacity to cope. The last thing you want now is to become a victim of cyber attacks, have home users unable to work or get malware spread through VPN. You will probably recognise these ugly facts:

  • The attack surface for cybercriminimals with more people working from home is much greater
  • Being stuck at home, employees increasingly install personal software on their corporate laptop
  • Personal-use software is more likely to contain code that hackers can use to hijack the endpoint
  • The new people working from home are the ones that have least IT knowledge on how to be careful
  • Spike in VPN greatly increases the risk of ransomware and malware spreading through VPN

This can be remedied by locking down admin privileges and introduce multi-engine malware scanning. You can literally implement Admin By Request in a few days.

Gartner names Privileges Access Management the #1 security hole to close in their latest cybersecurity review as the most attractive target for attackers. Fill in the form and book a personal non-committing 1:1 Q&A demo. Let us help you make this problem go away once and for all.

What is Admin By Request?

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Gartner names Privileged Access Management (PAM) the top project to reduce cybersecurity risks

Privileged accounts (or administrative or highly empowered accounts) are attractive targets for attackers. A PAM project will highlight necessary controls to apply to protect these accounts, which should be prioritized via a risk-based approach. PAM projects should cover human and nonhuman system accounts and support a combination of on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments, as well as APIs for automation.
Source article at gartner.com


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