Our latest integration to join the Integration Hub is Microsoft Intune. With this simple feature you can now block elevations on devices that are not compliant with your existing Intune policies.

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Endpoint MFA/SSO

Multi-Factor Authentication on the endpoint is quickly becoming a must-have for enterprises who value security and have compliance regulations to adhere to. So far MFA has been largely unavailable as a feature of existing PAM solutions - that's about to change with Admin By request version 8.0.

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Machine Learning

Instead of Pre-Approving a huge number of applications ahead of time, let the system build the list for you - as the applications are being used. Reduce your manual approval workload considerably with the latest feature coming with Admin By Request version 8.0.

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AI Approval

Forget spending extensive amounts of time creating manual pre-approved lists - with the new Admin By Request AI Approval feature, you can allow our Artificial Intelligence engine to decide which applications are safe to be auto-approved for you.

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